Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are mom and dad ready for piano lessons?

Are you ready?
Do you have what it takes
to send your child
to piano lessons?

I pose this questions
because sometimes the piano lesson
is harder for the parents
than it is for the child.

Here a few things you should be prepared for.

Be prepared for the "noise."
Move your cell phone calls to another room.
Shut the tv off or go watch in the bedroom or basement.
Make sure everyone in the house
knows that this is the way it is going to be.
Let your child's music take a priority.
If need be,
set a certain time of day
for music making, practice
and experimenting at piano/keyboard.
But be prepared to hear
the same piece of music
over and over and over again.

Be prepared to sit with your child
for a few moments every day.
At least 10-15 of their rehearsal time every day
should include you at their side.
Be prepared to do this
until they have discipline enough
to practice without you at their side.

Be prepared for the whining.
"But it's too hard, mom."
Yes, yes it is.
Some students have a harder time than others.
And for some students,
well, they just need to stick with it.
There will eventually come a time
when it all just clicks.
I feel so frustrated sometimes
when I see parents pull their child out of lessons
when I can see the turning point just ahead.
Please be strong.
Be prepared for the "I don't wanna go,"
for the "can I quit lessons?"
Be prepared and be consistent.

Be prepared for the cost.
The lessons cost.
The books and materials cost.
And purchasing the keyboard/piano
will definitely cost something.

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When you are ready
be sure to contact me
for low-cost piano lessons
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