Online Piano Lessons

I teach piano in the Beautiful City of Wyandotte, MI (suburban Detroit). I offer these online lessons for those of you who aren't quite ready, for whatever reason, to take piano lessons just yet. Hopefully, these videos will help you get started at home on your own. When you are ready to start, please do contact me and let's get you started!

Please note that I did not create these videos. I found them on youtube and you'll find the creator of these videos at his own blog. Kudos, to Shawn Cheek, webpianoteacher, for such great videos! You'll videos #6 through #50 (and a whole lot more) at his website.

Lesson 1 - Can You Name The White Keys?

Lesson 2 - What Are Sharps and Flats?

Lesson 3 - What Are Intervals?

Lesson 4 -How Do I Play a Scale?

Lesson 5 - How Do I Play Chords In The Key of C?

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