All fees are due before the first lesson of every month.
Lessons are paid for in blocks of 4 lessons.
(One lesson a week / 4 weeks each month).
If there is a 5th week that month,
it will either be used as a day to make up a missed lesson
or there will be no class that day.

Weekly fees are as follows:

♬    Private Piano Lesson
        ½ hour - $14.00

♬    Private Piano Lesson
        45 minutes - $25.00 

♬    Semi-Private Piano Lesson / 2-3 students
        45 minutes - $30.00

♬    *Senior Citizen Private Piano Lesson
        ½ hour - $12.00

♬    *Senior Citizen Private Piano Lesson
        45 minutes - $15.00

Group lessons are also now also available.
A group lesson is for 4 or more students
and may be held off site,
such as at a church social hall.
Please feel free to contact me for more info
on arranging group lessons.

*Semi-private classes for senior citizens may be arranged,
if there is an interest.
Senior Citizen discount for those age 55+.

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