Saturday, September 14, 2013

Piano Lessons in Wyandotte, MI

 Yes, piano lessons in the beautiful city of Wyandotte.
I recently moved things around
in The Little Piano House.
The room for group lessons is just about ready.
I still have one more instrument
that needs to be moved in.
And I hope to purchase another,
an 88-key keyboard w/weighted keys,
but that probably won't happen until the spring.

The White Board is up
and in use!
Here's a pic of the White Board.
I had to take several as the window
kept giving me a glare.
I finally figured out
that I have to put a curtain in that window!!!

the White Board will feature things
like quotes from composers,
music terminology,
words of inspiration, etc.
This will be the first things students see
when they come in for their lesson.

And yes,
The Little Piano House
is actually a little house
in the city of Wyandotte
near Roosevelt High School.
It's guest house on our property
used for music and art and things creative.

private, semi-private
and group lessons
are available,
with discount for Senior Citizens.

Are you ready for your first piano lesson?