Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free or low cost pianos

Yes, there are options
to get a piano for free
or for a very low cost.

Go to the
Piano Adoption website.
You'd be surprised 
at the lovely pianos
you can get for free,
. . .well, almost for free
(you'll need to pay for moving it!!).
I just saw a piano listed on that site yesterday
for an instrument in the City of Wyandotte.
I don't know if it's a good instrument
or if it needs work.
You won't know more about the instrument
unless/until you ask.
But right here in Wyandotte
there is a piano
someone is giving away for FREE!!

Go to Craig's List.
Other instruments might be available
at a very low cost.

And visit yard sales.
I found a lovely electronic keyboard
last year for $20.
(I'll discuss digital vs acoustic pianos
in another blogpost,
But for now,
we just want to get you started
as low cost as possible!!!!)

Don't be afraid to barter.
If someone has an instrument
they want to get rid of,
they may very well sell it to you
for a price lower than what they say.

don't be afraid to ask
if you or your child
can practice on an instrument
that belongs to someone else.
For example,
ask your church
if they would permit you to practice
on the piano there.
Or maybe your child
can get practice time in
on a piano at their school.

These are just some ideas.
If there's a will, there's a way!
Welcome to the wonderful world
of piano study!

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