Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Piano Lessons for Summer Vacation

The school year is almost over.
What plans do you have
for your children for summer vacation?

Will they be involved sports?
Vacation Bible School?
Summer camp?

Why not consider enrolling them
in piano lessons?
The benefits are far reaching.
You see, it’s not only about music study.

Piano study helps increase math scores,
test scores and I.Q.
In fact,
kids who continue their playing piano
through their teenage years
average about 100 points higher on the SAT.

What’s more,
undergraduates who major in music
have the highest acceptance rate
into medical school, at 66%.

Piano study helps to raise self-esteem.

Piano study helps children focus,
helps them develop concentration skills.
Playing piano is good for your health.
Research reveals
that those who are involved
in creating music
on a regular basis
experience less anxiety,
loneliness and depression.

Do contact me.

Low cost piano lessons
are available  in the beautiful city
of Wyandotte, MI
Let’s get your child involved
in the study of piano.
The benefits are a lot more
than music study.
Your child will reap
a lifetime of benefits.

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